Stopwatch 1 - Student's Book + Workbook

Stopwatch | Richmond

Autor: Simon Brewster

ISBN: 9786070612381

Código do produto: 292712381

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Stopwatch is a motivating, visually engaging six-level series for teenagers. It offers a choice of entry-point level (Starter, Beginner or Beginner Plus) and develops skills through B1 of the Common European Framework (CEFR). Each level of Stopwatch covers 90-120 hours of classroom instruction, plus an additional 20 hours of supplementary materials in the Teacher’s Toolkit. With Stopwatch students will: • reinforce visual literacy skills through icons and impacting photos; • use critical thinking skills to answer relevant, thought-provoking questions; • become aware of the wide range of cultural differences in our global community; • learn vocabulary and grammar in realistic, meaningful contexts; • engage with authentic, down-to-earth topics; • access practice opportunities in a variety of formats; • enjoy hands-on projects in printed and/or digital form. Key Features: • Strong visual components to facilitate and deepen learning through authentic tasks, compelling images and the use of icons. • The process of spiraled language development helps students internalize what they are learning. • The wide range of topics incorporates cultures from around the world.

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  • App para smartphones
  • CD de áudio
  • CD de recursos (pós-adoção)
  • Livro digital
  • Livro digital para projeção (IWB)
  • Portal Educacional

Sobre o autor

Simon Brewster

Simon studied History at the University of Cambridge. He decided to do a course to teach English as a Foreign Language at International House in London. From there he went to Mexico and had worked in EFL there for almost twenty years. Most of his time works at the Anglo Mexican Cultural Institute in different roles. At present he is the Director of Project Development which is a new post involving innovation and areas that to a large extent will be influencing the future of the variety of people in the English teaching profession. He never completely stopped teaching although recently his work has involved administration and project development. He is involved in writing a number of textbooks for teaching English that are published.