Keep It Real! A1+ Student's Book

Keep It Real! | Richmond

Autor: Graham Fruen

ISBN: 9788466827997

Código do produto: 290527997


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Keep it Real! is the ideal secondary course for today’s mixed ability classes, with its flexible blend of dynamic video and digital content, easy-to-use classroom materials, and focus on developing communicative competence and 21st century skills.


  • Flexible blended learning package
  • Authentic vloggers in contemporary contexts
  • Development of 21st-century skills


  • Entertaining and informative grammar animations
  • Innovative digital boardgame
  • Short real-world documentaries


  • Manageable receptive and productive skills development
  • Extended learning opportunities (Projects, Literature, Exams)
  • Support for mixed ability


  • Complete component package with flippable options
  • Wealth of consolidation and extension activities

Componentes da obra

  • Livro digital para projeção (IWB)
  • LMS Plataform
  • Vídeos

Sobre o autor

Graham Fruen