Target Pet Teachers Book320
Target Pet Teachers Book320

Target PET - Teacher’s Book

Target PET – new | Richmond

Autores: Mark Lloyd, Patricia Chappell

ISBN: 9788466808767

Código do produto: 290508767

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Target PET is perfect for both teenagers and young adults, providing essential exam practice and training, tips and strategies for dealing with all parts of the exam as well as focused practice of the exam's key language. The 40-50 core hours of material offer a quick and effective route to exam success, and the fun teen and young adult-friendly activities and extensive teacher support make it easy to plan communicative classes.   Key features  

  • Full of useful exam tips and strategies to build students' confidence and improve exam performance
  • Exam Guide provides a complete walk-through of the exam
  • Clear, systematic exam vocabulary practice
  • Review and practice of essential grammar and functional language
  • CD-ROM with computer-based practice tests and exam training tools to optimize exam preparation
  • Modern look and feel with communicative tasks to provide varied lessons
  • Additional activity ideas and worksheets in the Teacher's Book

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  • CD de áudio

Sobre os autores

Mark Lloyd

I’ve been working in English Language Teaching since 1993, having graduated with a degree in Economics from Cambridge University. After nearly ten years as a teacher and Assistant Director of Studies in Spain (Madrid), I returned to the UK in 2003 to take the role of Director of Studies at a language school in Bath, and since 2010 I have been the Principal of the same school. Over the last ten years I have also been lucky enough to contribute in the writing of many different course books, workbooks and supplementary materials for Richmond and other publishing companies. My main projects with Richmond have been Framework and New Framework, Target KET and PET and The Big Picture. I also regularly contribute articles to a range of ELT publications and I am a frequent speaker at conferences and training events around Europe and the UK.

Patricia Chappell