Spotlight 4 - Assessments Book

ISBN: 9786070601477

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Spotlight on English is a comprehensive, standards-based program for bilingual and international schools. Students gain and develop English language proficiency, access grade-level content and successfully transition to the mainstream classroom. It is a balanced program that not only provides the academic language students need, but also brings together proven methodologies and innovative teaching strategies.
  Key Features

  • Based on scientific research.
  • Aligned to the National Curriculum and Content-Area Standards.
  • Created with a content-rich framework – language arts, math, science, social studies, music, and arts.
  • Developed with multi-level teaching strategies for differentiated instruction in every lesson.
  • Designed to deliver direct, structured, and inclusive language instruction.

Componentes da obra

  • Caderno de exercícios
  • Livro digital para projeção (IWB)
  • Livro de leitura