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English In Motion 4 - Teacher's Book

English In Motion | Richmond

ISBN: 9788466811330

Código do produto: 290511330

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Dimensões do produto 21 X 29,7

Número de páginas 232

Preço sugerido R$ 215,00

Sobre o livro

English in Motion is a dynamic four-level course that thoroughly integrates practice of the four skills with work on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

  • Language is presented through interesting topics and themes and practiced in the special English You Need section.


  • Practice begins with meaningful controlled exercises and gradually develops into freer, personalized activities.


  • Clear speaking and writing models to give extra guidance for students’ own production.


  • A variety of materials to consolidate what they have learned and practiced in the classroom.


  • Songs from a variety of genres are used to motivate students and a DVD links with the course themes, giving students the chance to see real teenagers talk about their lives.


  • A wide selection of resource materials with different levels of difficulty.

  Key Features

  • Digital book provides a complete course with options to adapt, extend, and customize.
  • Student’s Multi-ROM contains extra interactive material.
  • Cultural aspects and CLIL objectives per unit.
  • Extra tips and strategies for mixed ability classes.
  • My Portfolio section to encourage personalization and self-study.
  • Course website:www.international-inmotion.net.

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