Cool Kids 6 - 2nd edition WB

Autores: Gabriela Zapiain, Silvia Zapiain, Joep van der Werff, Andrew Starling, Jeanette Greenwell, Ana Foncerrada

ISBN: 9786070613852

Código do produto: 292713852

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- presents a wide variety of activities to practice and review the language taught in class;

- is designed to promote learner independence;

- provides activities that can be completed in class or assigned as homework;

- includes cutout activities to practice language in a differente and fun way;

- offers listening tasks designed for students to do independently;

- contains cross-curricular activities;

- provides a review page to help students evaluate their progress.

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  • CD de recursos (pós-adoção)
  • Portal Educacional

Sobre os autores

Gabriela Zapiain

Silvia Zapiain

Joep van der Werff

Andrew Starling

Jeanette Greenwell

Ana Foncerrada