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Compass | Richmond

Autor: Noelle Yaney Child

ISBN: 9786070615986

Código do produto: 292715986

Indicação: 1º Ano (EF1)

Disciplina: Inglês

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Compass is an English language teaching bilingual project, specially designed for fully bilingual schools or those aspiring to become one. It blends the best practices of ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) to grant effective language learning for 21st-century students.

Compass Language Log provides explict grammar and vocabulary instruction, methodical development of the four skills and a strong focus on speaking practice. The Language Log also features a video story in which recurring characters explore each topic question.

 Each Language Log comprises nine topics of twelve lessons: two each of vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and speaking, plus one writing lesson and a project.

Language Log Starter characteristics:
• There are 14 lessons per topic instead of 12. The two new lessons are for phonics.
• Videos are not for teaching of vocabulary, but for the non-fiction texts. They show a
storyteller narrating the stories of the Captain.
• All the non-fiction texts tell stories of the Captain and his pet Davy before the Captain
got trapped in the compass.
• The Language Log Teacher’s Guide includes two printable worksheets for Vocabulary,
Grammar and Phonics.


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Noelle Yaney Child