Achievers B2 - Workbook

Achievers | Richmond

Autor: Margie Lemmens

ISBN: 9788466829540

Código do produto: 290529540

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Achievers is a brand new course for teenagers which combines interesting, age-appropriate topics with challenging input, practice and support, so that every student will achieve his or her best. Key Features: • Focus on international exams, with an exam training section for Cambridge and TOEFL exams. • Challenging, fast-paced grammar syllabus. • Vocabulary extension fostered through large lexical sets and vocabulary-building sections. • Varied speaking practice and support including a unique ‘Challenge’ lesson, built around an ambitious project-like speaking task. • High-level skills work with challenging Reading and Listening texts and exploitation. • Three integrated video lessons per level. • A wealth of extra photocopiable worksheets and tests.

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Margie Lemmens